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Tom Friedetzky

Member of

List of some workshops and conferences

Research interests

Theoretical Computer Science, in particular:

  • randomised algorithms & probabilistic analysis,
  • combinatorial algorithms,
  • evolutionary processes,
  • theoretical foundations of distributed algorithms,
  • communication in networks (e.g., broadcasting, rumour spreading),
  • load balancing (esp. balls into bins)

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Supervised PhD students

Currently co-supervising


  • Chris Wastell – EPSRC DTA funded studentship
  • Sepehr Meshkinfamfard – EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN “Scaling by means of ubiquitous storage” (SCALUS)
  • Lars Nagel – EPSRC 1st Grant scheme

Teaching & Admin


L3 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures (term 1)
L4 Randomised Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods (terms 1 and 2)


Departmental L1 coordinator